Stomping Grounds is HERE!

Stomping Grounds is HERE!

This is how it came to be.

At Gather & Hunt we love to find treasures in Auckland and share them with you. If you come with us, we can keep you informed on amazing places to eat, drink, shop and play in Auckland. We like nothing better than to introduce you to remarkable local people we've met who are doing extraordinary things. We shiver with excitement at the thought of sharing information about the magnificent arts and cultural events happening right now, so you can go along and witness the magic. We love to connect you with other Aucklanders who also want to make the most of their experiences, and we invite you to unique events which we’ve created to add something special to your day. We do all these things because we love Auckland, and we love the lives we lead here, and we want you to feel the same.

But Auckland is a big place, and you needn’t look further than your own neighbourhood to see the kinds of good things we like to talk about.

So we’re coming to your neighbourhood, and we’re staying for a month. This what we call Stomping Grounds. Each and every month from now on, we're going to adopt a suburb for thirty days. In that time, we’ll write stories, add directory profiles, make videos, host events and introduce you to some great people who’ve all made their mark on the neighbourhood. We’re starting with Eden Terrace.

We decided to launch Stomping Grounds in Eden Terrace for two reasons. First of all, we’ve just relocated our office here – to Dundonald Street to be exact – so it made sense for us to get to know the neighbourhood (and the neighbours) a little better. Secondly, Eden Terrace is bubbling over with creative types from all industries, and as we came to know about each one, we wanted to do what we do best – celebrate them and share them you.

In our journey so far, we’ve discovered some pretty cool things about Eden Terrace. Did you know the neighbourhood is 137 years old? Eden Terrace formed its own district in 1875.

Also, Basque Park, which sits at the bottom of a valley in the middle of Eden Terrace, was established in 1944 as a children's playground. But between 1945 and 1956 the neighbourhood became quite industrialised, with factories popping up where houses used to be. To encourage more residential development, the council at that time decided they needed to make the park more of an attraction. They evened out the grade a little more by bulk filling the park with almost 40,000 cubic metres of soil that came straight from the Aotea Centre build site.

The park was then intended as a recreational space for everyone, and this dream was fully realised in 1993 when a local parish established a community garden here. With money from the community board and input from the locals, the garden (nicknamed 'the farm') was a place where children came to play, where adults gathered to spend time and where the community came to be fed. Unfortunately, it was cleared away in later years. Time for a renaissance?  

Eden Terrace is a colourful neighbourhood. It's a burgeoning little place that almost doesn't realise how great it is. From our perspective, it has everything we could possibly need; casual dining, fine dining and cheap eats; designer boutiques, vintage stores and bookshops; plenty of great spots for coffee, cake and lunch; community art spaces and studios; pubs, live music venues and history.

It's a busy neighbourhood, being the throughway from the city to Kingsland and from Ponsonby to Newmarket. But don’t just pass through next time you’re in town. Stop and look. Visit and chat. Trust us when we say there’s a lot going on here. We’re going to spend the next thirty days telling you all about it.  

Come with! 

Some of this information came from the lovely Lisa Truttman who writes a blog called Timespanner. It's a great read on the history of our fine city.