Creative Mornings Inspiration #1

Creative Mornings Inspiration #1

Last Friday we got up excessively early (made even more difficult for me by the fact that I was awake until quite late on Thursday night watching the extended edition of Gladiator with my Dad). We went to the Mount Albert War Memorial Hall, opened the place up, and talked about how much it smelled like a school hall, and how much that reminded us of school, and how fun school was and what a shame it was that we didn’t appreciate it at the time. Then we started brewing our Coffee Supreme beans and suddenly the place smelled like Yirgacheffe and Bob-o-link instead.

At 7.20am I ran out the door and drove to New Windsor, to a gorgeous wee café called Sweetie. The Sweetie team were waiting there for me. They’d baked a glorious array of savoury and sweet brioches, and presented them beautifully on tiered cake stands. They were wrapped in tin foil, still warm and the smell of them almost drove me mad on the way back to Mount Albert.

People were arriving. The brioche was quickly demolished and raved about by the hungry, bleary-eyed inspiration seekers. The coffee was consumed faster than we could make it, and then the talk began (which was lucky because Alice and I were quite tired out by then).

In their talk, Boss 1 (Friday O'Flaherty) and Boss 2 (Andy Mitchell) of Running with Scissors told us how they managed to keep their workplace happy. There first piece of advice was not to try to make people sad. Then they explained their process for making happiness a pivotal thing in their office.

1. They start by employing positive people, and by that they meant properly positive people, not pretend ones. The kind of people who say could more than they say should.

2. They give their positive people a purpose, not a job title. They don’t try to put their employees into little boxes, because they know that the best creative thinking comes from outside of them.

3. They have created a working space that’s fun to come to. They have spotify premium. They have bunting and a board room table with plants growing out of its centre. They have an installation of hanging plants in the entrance. (I’ve been there and it really is quite a beautiful spot). Andy and Friday say that you spend more time at work than you do at home, so why shouldn’t your work be as nice as your home? Makes sense, don’t you think?

4. Last of all, the Running with Scissors team try to create an inspirational environment. Once a month they invite interesting people they’ve met recently to come and speak for five minutes about what they do. The idea is to let perspectives from the outside world in, and open their own minds to different ideas and ways of thinking.

The entire morning was very inspirational, it started Creative Mornings 2013 off on a very high note. One young lady told me that she left the event positively overflowing with happiness and hope. That’s nice to hear on any day of the week, but I was particularly stoked to hear it last Friday.

Next month’s Creative Mornings is coming in late February, registrations will open the week before. You really have to be in quick to get a seat, I’d suggest following CM Auckland on some platform in some way so you don't miss out.

We just wanted to say a COLOSSAL thank you to the guys at Sweetie Cafe in New Windsor, you can show your appreciation by liking their facey page here if you like (it would mean a lot to us and to them)! Thank you also to team Coffee Supreme, who are more than amazing - they're a little bit terrific.

Want to see some photos from the morning? Check them out on facebook here.